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Blink Optical offers quality coatings from all the major lens manufacturers.


In every day life your lenses are constantly exposed to scratches, glare and smudges which reduce the optical transmission of light and degrade contrast.

To improve your visual comfort, Essilor has developed Crizal and Optifog coatings, Crizal Forte and Crizal® Prevencia™  protect your eyes against harmful UV and Blue-Violet light, let essential light pass through and guarantee optimal vision and durable transparency.  Nikon developed SeeCoat Bright and SeeCoat Blue coatings, Hoya developed Super Hi vision,  Zeiss developed DuraVision Premium Coatings, which all of them provide the best transparency and the most efficient protection.

Applied to your lenses, these coatings allow you to have lenses that are reflection-free, scratch-free, and care-free.

Lenses coated with these coatings transmit up to 99.7% of light and eliminate glare from artificial lights. These coatings provide many benefits such as improved contrast perception, reduced glare for driving, reduced eyestrain and improved aesthetics.

The Hydrophobic coatings will provide superior scratch resistance, easier maintenance and ultimate clarity.



Night driving can be dangerous for people with uncoated glasses.

Lenses with premium coating reduce glare and improve safety for night drivers.